Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bakers dozen

This morning 12-22-09 Mrs. BD came in from Hutchinson to hopefully have her 13th baby. She has had all but 2 of her children at home and I have had the privilege to be a part of each of her home births. The weather is supposed to get bad over the next couple of days and then Christmas on Friday. The daddy of these precious babies is an amazing man, husband and father . He works very hard to provide for and care for his family. His mother passed away this week and her funeral will be on Monday December 28th.
Mom's due date was 12-20- 2009. As you can imagine the pressure was on for the timing of this new addition.
Anyway this morning she arrived at the BI.. She went back to sleep for a while and then went out for a walk. Her contractions started around 3:00pm and were mild. Daddy checked her at 3:30 and she was 5 cms. but doing great. Mind you that this mom has a history of going quite fast once she gets started. I called Brenda and she went on over. I told them I was going to stop and get a sandwich and eat it at the BI. They thought I would have plenty of time to do that .I arrived at 4:25pm and went into the kitchen to stuff down my sandwich. This mom who is extremely layed backed said casually you might want to check me before you start eating. I knew what that meant and quickly went in to do the check. I took one look at her and told Brenda never mind eating now just hand me a pair of gloves because once she moves ( she was sitting on her bottom) the baby is going to slip right out. Sure enough she slipped off the couch into a squat and pushed the baby out. Her little head was perfectly round with no molding what so ever.
An interesting thing is that she had her last baby exactly the same way and same time just 2 years ago. I would say she has birthing down to an exact science.
Mom said after birth that she was very grateful to the Lord for giving her this birth. She said five minutes after the birth that it wasn't painful just "mostly discomfort".
WOW IF only all the Birth's would be like that. But I guess I would be out of work if they were.