Monday, December 5, 2011

Just in Time.. God's

We had a couple of great births last weekendJ. The first one came on Sunday. This first time mom
was due on the 6th of November. So by Thanksgiving I was getting a little nervous and she was at her
wits end with perfecting the art of patience. So on Saturday I ask Kathy (my little hands couldn’t reach
her post cervix very well) to strip her membranes and fortunately by that evening she was having
some contractions. On Sunday morning things began to pick up after her water broke. She came to
the Birth Inn mid morning with labor in high gear. The first thing she said after walking in, she pointed
to the Jacuzzi.”I want to get in there!” I smiled and Cynthia soon started the tub. As of this day our
new momma was 20 days past her due date. I was very relieved to see that her amniotic fluid was
clear, this re-assured us that she was not likely that far over her due date as there would likely have
been meconium if she was. Baby sounded great and she was 5 cm. We put her in the tub where she
relaxed super well and stayed for a few hours. She soon began light pushing, she then got out of the
tub and moved to the bed . Within a short time we had a very pretty baby girl. This first time mom did
a wonderful job. Sometimes the calendar says “overdue” but the baby says I’m here on time! It’s an art
in this day and age and it requires a lot of patience and faith in the Lord to wait past your due date but
usually that is the best thing for baby. I admire this momma for going above and beyond in her endeavor
to wait it outJ.

On Sunday night I got a call at 10:30pm that Mrs F was having some regular contractions. (She too
had been waiting longer than she expected she had delivered her first 2 weeks early. This one was
now at her due date. ) She was debating whether to come to BI or not as they weren’t very strong
yet. We talked about it and she decided to give it a little while to let the contractions get harder. At
11:45 dad called to say that she was ready to come to the BI, contx had increased in intensity. This was
her 2nd baby and sometimes those little ones shoot out, especially since she hadn’t had a very long
labor even with her first. They got to the BI about an hour later. She was focused and very calm. We
listened to baby who sounded good and mom was 5-6 cm dilated with a bulging bag. I had decided not
to call my assistant until necessary because I knew she was very tired as we had been up all night the
previous night with one of Kathy’s moms. Then at 1am moms water broke so I called Cynthia to come.
Mom reported a slight urge to push within a few minutes ..I finished getting things set up knowing
that Cynthia may not make it or at least she would have very little time if she did. Mom was on hands
and knees in the living area..I suggested she move over to the bed, which dad helped her to do. 2
contractions later we had a beautiful baby boy with an intact perineum. Cynthia came about 10 min
later and we all rejoiced over a quick labor. Baby arrived barely over an hour after they got to the BI so
glad they came when they did, this little one may have arrived in the car on a cold night.

Thank you Lord for 2 precious babies who came easily and right on time!
BY Deidre