Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Our Government is in Crisis

About 3 weeks ago I received a summons to Jury Duty. I really wanted to get out of it and I have to admit I tried. I want to do my duty as an American Citizen but I kind of thought I had already. When I looked at the date to serve I realized that I had served last April. Just two weeks and one year ago. They say the system is Random in choosing jurors but I find that hard to believe.
Ok, so I go to do my duty as an American Citizen hoping and praying I would be sent home or get to serve quickly and be done with the whole ordeal. I was chosen  to be on a Rape case which really was kind of scary. I didn't want to hear the gross details of this evil. I tried to make some comments that I thought would disqualify me during the selection process but that was to no avail.
How many times have you heard of the government spending unnecessary money and creating more of a deficit due to red tape or unnecessary stupid spending. Well I hear it all the time but I don't think I have seen it in action like I did today.
I went  to the court house  today even though I really didn't want to. I was concerned that one of my precious moms might go into labor and I would not be able to be at their birth. I prayed last night and again today hoping that God would not let them go into labor, but I did make arrangements for the moms just in case.
 Keep in mind that another  midwife is be persecuted in western Kansas just for fulfilling her calling in life by helping moms have their babies where ever and with whomever they choose . Persecuted by the Kansas Board of Nursing.
Anyway back to fulfilling my  Duty. We, the 12 jurors put our lives on hold, go to the court house because by LAW we are supposed to hear a case then decide if this person is guilty or not.
We listen attentively, the victim is from another country and can hardly speak English, on welfare, and is a Crack Cocaine drug addict   and can't remember what to say or what happened, her story changes several times during a two hour examination. She staggers into the court room, It is absolutely impossible to understand or follow her testimony. Needless to say we are all speechless. I personally have never been around anyone who was on Crack and I don't think any of the other jurors had either. IT was very sad.
We go to lunch and return to the court house only to find out that the case is over and the Judge will be in to explain. I thought maybe the Prosecution realized that the "victim" (HA) was unable to continue and the case was dropped. No that wasn't it.

As it turns out, the guy that supposedly committed the act was being deported this afternoon. The Federal Government had finally realized that this guy was from Somalia and was here Illegally. He was homeless when he was arrested and has been in the Eldorado prison for the past year awaiting trial.  Our tax money at work.
The Judge ( Buchanan) was livid. As were the rest of us.
So to add to our national debt we paid for this man to live in prison a year instead of being on the streets, and (possibly) raping women, we paid to hire him an attorney, and today we are paying thousands of dollars to ship him out of this country and who knows where. Somalia will not take him back they say we can't prove he was from there. So we are going to take him to France and dumb him there. CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS!!!  By the way he admitted to selling the women Crack Cocaine so he is a drug dealer also.
But the thing that really gets me the most is Nola Foulstons office taking this to trial in the first place when this women obviously was unable to give any testimony and was lying about what had happened. All 12 jurors and the judge were shocked that this was even brought to trail.  I'm not saying that we shouldn't help rape victims or that even if you are on drugs rape isn't  still a crime. But there was no way that this women was telling the truth. She was getting drugs from this illegal and had sex with him to get her fix. I know I am leaving out some important details but the truth is, she was obviously on Drugs  in the court room and the Attorney knew she was. It was disgusting.
Why didn't someone realize this man was not even a citizen of the US.
Why are we enabling  this woman and her boyfriend to live off the system, not work, continue to have enough money to buy drugs and alcohol?
That is where our tax Dollars are going?
I am so frustrated.
What is the answer to this?

CHRIST Alone and following his ways. What does God say about this? What can we do as citizens of the US, do about this?
I got up this morning to fulfill my duty and I feel like I never want to step foot into a court room again. The system is truly Broken.

Tell me what you think?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

VBA2C Wooo hooo!

If you read the last post you already know something about VBAC and the risks involved so I won't repost those statistics. The birth that I want to share this time was even more gratifying than the last. It involves a mom who had 2 c-sections. She really wanted a vbac after her 1st c-section, but it didn't happened and she was really grieved over it. So this time she did more research, prayed even more and became more resolved. They hired me a few months before the birth. We talked, planned and prayed. This time she had a doctor that I knew we could count on if the goings got tough. I knew he wouldn't bail for convenience or fear. Dad was fully on board and encouraged her in her exercise regime. She called to let me know Wed morning that she was crampy, having bloody show and contracting occasionally. She went about her day normally but taking time to rest. Wed evening things had gotten more regular (10min apart).At 10 pm I checked her cervix and found her to be 3-4 cm dilated and baby's heart tones were great. I suggested she continue to take it easy if she could and be active if she couldn't. At 1:30am on Thursday morning dad called to say that contx had gotten very close and much harder. We planned to meet at the Birth Inn at 2. (I thought the change of scenery would be good) When she arrived she was 5 cm and working very hard with her contx, but doubting her ability to cope. We encouraged her regularly, listened to baby, and changed positions a lot! She found the shower to be helpful. By 5am she was 6 cm and very disappointed to have only progressed 1 cm in 3 hours. I assured her that any progress was good. She felt discouraged but persevered. Her husband was amazing and refused to get discouraged and kept her focused. At 8 am things were still the same with contx 2 min apart and hard. She began having some pressure in certain positions, the baby was coming down. While she wasn't making progress in dilation things were changing and progress was being made We decided to go to the hospital (this was a planned hosp birth) for a scene change. We got checked in by 9am. Still 6 cm:(  Mind you she has now been 6 cm since sometime before 5am:(  She found the tub to be most helpful! Of course she had to be monitored regularly so this gave us position change and the movement was good. This mom was constantly questioning herself but amazed me in her resolve, which seemed to grow ever more strong with each passing hour. The nurse checked her at 11am and found her to be 8cm! PTL!!! PROGRESS at last! She was encouraged, finally. At noon Dr J came in, she was still 8 cm. She got back in the tub, which really did help her to relax. We discussed options, I knew she was running out of steam. Of course the epidural was on the fore front of our minds. As much as I wanted her to have relif and give it to her I just felt  that we still needed to keep it natural. Especially since she had gotten blocked in the birth before and had failed to progress afterwords. I also got some encouragement from grandma that helped me know that I too need to help this mom stay the course. (Grandma reminded me that this mom was terribly disappointed after the last section.) At 12:30 K began to do lunges with one foot on the side of the tub, alternating legs and coming down into squates, with a lot of dads help.. He was working up a sweat as well..This  really worked to increase the intensity of the contx and bring baby down into the pelvis. At 12:40 pressure was increasing a lot. She beared down about 4-5 times. At 12:55 she moved from the bathroom to the room. At this point the baby was crowning, she crowned her for 4 more contx and baby burst forth:) A beautiful girl weighing 8lb 4oz and 19in long! Dad was as satisfied as ever beaming with pride and emotion! Mom exclaimed, "I did it, I can't believe I really did it!" Honestly....I thought, "I can't believe you did it!" This was the hardest birth I had been to in awhile but  the gratification was so worth it....I'll forever have etched in my mind the words that burst forth from her mouth when it was all over....."I DID IT" K I am soooooooooooooo proud of you!

Women were made to birth, if we just believe in them and trust the Lord!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Middle east

This couple called me last year and we initially met for lunch. They (mostly she) asked questions I told them about what I do. She is expecting her 2nd, her first was a C-Section for breech presentation, 11 years earlier. Dad had 2 children born via c-section from a previous marriage. They had been to the doctor and of course he had scared dad to death telling them it could be life threatening for mom and babe to have a VBAC (Vaginal birth after cesarean). Which is true, but, what he left out was how rare an actual uterine rupture is in a vaginal birth after cesarean that is not induced or augmented.The statistics are: Uterine rupture is the major concern in terms of VBAC and while it can be catastrophic, it is rare (National Institutes of Health, 2010).Permitting labor to begin naturally after one prior low transverse (“bikini cut”) cesarean carries a 0.4% risk of rupture. This rate can increase with pitocin induction or augmentation.  (Which I don't do out of a hospital.) Several of this mom's friends had delivered with me and she was very interested in natural birth. A compromise was met between mom and dad..She would see the OB and me and keep praying about the location of the delivery. I thought this was a good compromise. It gave dad some time to process and being an avid reader he could take time to research:) I continued to see mom throughout the pregnancy she worked hard on diet, exercise and taking her thoughts captive. They came to childbirth classes mine and Bradley. God gave them the verse Josh 1:9." be strong and courageous". A little more than half way through the pregnancy dad began talking to mom about serving in a ministerial capacity in the middle east. To which his wise wife answered she would be happy to surrender her husband to such an endeavor if the risk of death were equal to or less than a VBAC:)  Needless to say I think he got the point. Most importantly he was doing his research and praying fervently.  While I was never really sure what dad was thinking, as he was very hard to read, you know quiet methodical type, I could tell that he was allowing God to lead step by step.I kept thinking of  dad in the context of Isaiah 30:15 "in quietness and trust is your strength."
On March 31st B woke up in the middle of night and her water broke. We met at the Birth Inn at 9am in active labor. She was dilated to 6cm.  She was doing great with the labor, dad near by supporting her thru each contraction. Both grandmothers, and her sister-in-law were their to encourage her and cheer her on as well. She spent time laboring on the toilet and used the tub. She began having an urge to push in the tub but wasn't all that comfortable so she moved to the bed on her side. She pushed very effectively...the heart tones began dipping down a bit so we moved her to a squat and she delivered close to 1pm. It was a perfect VBAC:). A few days after the birth the reserved dad's heart side was revealed and I got to see an expressive grateful man. He told me he could hardly imagine having another baby in the hospital.
  I wonder if he will be going to the middle east soon?
Thank you Lord for being the repairer of the breech.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mrs. Dancer

Sunday March 27th.
This precious 5' 3 " primip (first time)21 year old mom came to me at the beginning of her pregnancy asking if we could attend her birth. I was thrilled. First of all, they are the sweetest young couple and I just loved them from the start. They're Newly married, both love the Lord and have the innocence of youth, in reality they were just a tad clueless about labor and birth. But very eager to learn and wanted to do the right things during pregnancy to prepare. Secondly, I had the privilege of delivering this dad's siblings. I've gotten to know this sweet family over the years and consider it an honor to be a part of the first grandchild in their family.

Mom is a dancer and continued dancing until 6 weeks before her birth. She faithfully walked and ate healthy all of her pregnancy. On her last prenatal visit the baby was quite high and not even close to engaging. I thought to myself, "Oh Boy, this may be a challenge, as we are close to the due date and baby has not engaged". Typically with a primip you want the baby to engage 2 weeks before the onset of labor. I thought, "Is she going to go two weeks late and have a really big baby"? Oh Kathy, ye of little faith.
This morning I went to church and Mrs. Dancer was heavy on my heart. I prayed for her several times and said, "Lord if it be your will could she please let go into labor soon"? Mrs. Dancer's mom had a c-section with her babies so that added a little more concern.
I came home from church and was resting when the phone rang. It was Mrs Dancer and she been laboring most of the night. Dad went off to work this morning and mom continued to have contractions. Yes that's right! Mom labored most of the day by herself. Can you believe it? She wanted to come over and get checked before she called dad to come home. I was so happy when I checked her. Actually I was dumbfounded. Mom was 7 cms. Praise the Lord. I asked her if she thought she could drive or if I should drive her and she said no I only have a block to drive, I can do it. What a trooper! This birth really amazed me. When mom arrived at the Birth Inn she was still doing very well as she was working with her contractions and continuing to move around. After she was here about an hour Girl Thursday got a call from her doula birth mom and had to leave and go help her. Girl Tuesday and I held the Birth Inn down with Mrs. Dancer, while Girl Thursday went to be with her other mom.

By 6:20pm, Mrs. Dancer was complete and on the toilet and making pushing sounds. She pushed for 19 minutes and out came a healthy baby boy with his cord wrapped, rather snugly, around his neck. Mom gave another push and the baby somersaulted through the loop. No problem! Mom tore just a nick and all was well.
Moral of the story; Dance moms, dance, and Kathy don't judge a book by it's cover.

This was the perfect finale to our March Madness!