Saturday, June 25, 2011

Another Birth Adventure MRS. Gushy

We are sitting at the Birth Inn this beautiful mild summer morning with a delightful couple. Mama A's water broke yesterday morning at 5:00 am and very few contractions followed. This sweet Mennonite couple had their previous children in the hospital naturally but they were all long and difficult births. Her history is to labor for a long time and then once she gets past 4 cms., labor picks up and the baby comes.  I have assisted with the deliveries of her sister.
 Go figure, she had high hopes that staying out of the hospital would help her relax and the baby would deliver quicker or easier. Not the case, is seems like many times the first home birth triggers some fear that the moms have to overcome, then things pick up and start to happen. Birth is a challenge. It causes us to come face to face with our individual fears, whether our fear is having a healthy baby or fear of the pain it brings us to our knees and causes us to trust in the Creator. We can embrace that fear and turn to God and receive His blessing of help or run to some other source  like an epidural or the highest level of intensive care for newborns but in the end you really have to trust in God for the outcome of your birth.  God is faithful to walk with you through the birth and you will draw near to Him because you need Him.
 I've always believed that attending women in childbirth is a holy time, a privilege to be present when the Lord brings another life into the world. I do not and have never thought home birth was for everyone and the best option for low risk moms, instead it is for those that are low risk and feel God has lead them to take that option. Sometimes we do something because we think it will be easier on us but in reality God may be saying you will grow closer to me during this process. Either way if your heart is right meaning you seek Him first you CAN trust Him for the outcome. My preachiness is coming out again I think I better move on and tell you what is happening with the birth.
We discussed options since her water was broke and no contractions. The parents decided to go to the Birth Inn and try to sleep,  if labor doesn't start during the night then we will try some natural alternatives to stimulate contractions in the morning.
Next morning: Mom said she had some mild contractions during the night but around 3:00 am things really kicked in. She labored until 5:00 then called me to come over and help. Thanks for the sleep much appreciated. When we arrived mom was very intense with her contractions, I decided to check her, she was only 3 cms. UGH... We encouraged her and gave her "the talk' You know what I mean moms. The one that goes like this. Work your labor. What I mean is, think about what is happening with your cervix. If you are trying to get into positions to ease the pain and make it feel better then expect things to take longer and if you are in a postion that makes the contractions 'easier' then it probably isn't changing the cervix and you are prolonging the labor. I explained that to Mrs Gushy and within 30 minutes I noticed she was getting flushed in the face and was really working the contractions. She went to the restroom and we heard groaning sounds. HMMM maybe we should check. Sure enough mom was 8-9 cms. Yay,  30 minutes later we had a handsome baby boy.
After the birth, mom said it really helped her to understand that she needed to have painful contractions to finish the job. It totally changed her attitude. She began to embraced God's design of birth . Her mindset changed and so did her labor. She said afterwards that it really helped her. PTL
 8lbs. and 6 ozs. Praise the Lord for another safe delivery. In the meantime mama B calls and says she is in labor. Cynthia and I head off to grab some lunch and Ginger heads to her sons ball game. Right after we finish eating mom B calls and says things are picking up and she is ready to come in. Stay tuned for her birth story.