Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Labor or No Labor Mrs SJ

Mrs. J. had a false alarm of labor on Sunday night along with another mom. I was beginning to think that I would have to call my back-up midwife for help, but both moms fizzled out. Being up during the night with no fruit of labor is hard for mom, dad, and the midwife. I feel sorry for the mom who is sure her hour has come and have it stop. VERY DISCOURAGING. Anyway back to Mrs. J's birth. She came to the Birth Inn this morning and Brenda checked her (4cms) and gave her a little tweak. She laid around, not much was happening. She started to have some contrx. around 8:30 but they just didn't get very strong. She decided to go out for a walk which really didn't do much. At 12:30 Brenda checked her again because she was thinking about going home since she really wasn't having many contrx. No change in cx. After the check she started having stronger contrx. I went over and when I got there 15 min. later she was AC (almost complete) and her water broke. We put mom in the tub which she really loved. She started pushing at 1:00 pm and crowning at 1:40 the baby would not come. Actually the baby's head would not come over the perineum. We (well the strong husband) got her out of the water (ugh for her)and put her in a supported squat and the baby's head still would not come. I pushed the perineum over the baby's head and discovered a very tight cord. The baby was not coming through the loop of the cord so I tried lifting it over the baby's head, it broke and the baby shot out like a bullet. That's a little scarry and messy I might add. The baby did great, we quickly but a clamp on the cord and handed to baby off to mom and he started crying right away without much help from us. Praise the Lord He was faithful once again.
During the labor we were checking the baby's heart rate regularly and only had a few brief decels, nothing severe. I was thinking we had some sort of cord situation but we had reassurring signs that the baby was doing great.
Mom and baby are doing wonderful and the baby's apgar was 7-9-10. PTL

By the way this was number 11 for this precious family. The children all came over to meet their new sibling and were so excited. What a blessing that was to witness. In the past year we've been blessed to be involved assisting some families having their 10th 11th and two moms having their 13th baby. WOW. It is wonderful seeing responsible, Godly, caring families having children to carry on the Good News of our Lord and Saviour. If you are one of the families sacrificing your life to raise up a godly seed. My praise to you. God Bless you. It is very hard, and I know you are ridiciuled, but you are truly "suffering for rightousness sake".