Thursday, December 23, 2010


Two really nice births.....It had been a long week. My youngest daughter was in the hospital with rotavirus when 1 of the 3 calls came in with gals in early labor. I was wondering how this was all gonna work out. This particular mom, Mrs T, is one that I have delivered before. She had a 9 pounder with a large head on her first one. Needless to say we were expecting another big boy:) She called around 3 pm with ruptured membranes but no contractions. I went over to see her and check on baby. She had been some what concerned about movement. Baby had a significant arrhythmia so I was listening to heart tones carefully and was cautiously optimistic that she would be able to deliver at home. I also had Kathy listen to affirm that all was well. Bethany was planning to assist so I put she and Christy on alert. We all agreed I could go on to another mom in labor, especially since Mrs T was not contracting very much. My other mom was moving right along so Bethany agreed to check on Mrs. T at 10. At that point contractions still weren't consistent so after listening to baby Bethany headed back to Hutch at midnight. I finished the hospital birth around 1:30 which went GREAT for a first time mom:) While I was at the hospital another one of my moms called to report that her water had broke, unfortunately this mom was only 7 months along in her pregnancy. She came to St Joe and Dr Jensen took over her care. (She delivered 2 days later, baby is still in NICU but he is doing great too). Anyway, back to Mrs T...I got in my heat working and freezing temperatures...brrrr and drove over to her house around 2am. I decided to stay because she had made some progress plus I didn't relish the idea of getting back out again. Contraction picked up shortly after I got there but mom decided to rest in the recliner for a bit. I called Christy to come and lied down for a short nap. Mom woke me up at about 5:15 with close contx I checked her and she was 6-7 cm. She got in the bathtub but not before stopping at the toilet where it was evident that she was progressing QUICKLY. I called Bethany..realizing at that point that she probably wouldn't make it:( Mrs T began making pushing noises after only a short time in the tub. Just after 6am she got out of the tub came over to the bed and delivered an almost 9lb baby in a few short pushes. The baby let out his first big cry and his big brother, now a toddler, who was asleep on the other side of the bed popped up with a sleepy look on his face and took a very brief look at baby then immediately plopped back down and went back to sleep. I couldn't help but notice through the bedroom window a beautiful sunrise in the distance. The day was November 14th and it was a lovely crisp cool winter day. Thank you Father for the birth of these 2 babies and for the birth of my own daughter 12 years ago this day. I stand amazed! by:Deidre DeGrado