Friday, July 16, 2010

Mrs. Abundance of amniotic fluid

Mrs. AF is a gravid 4 para 2. She is one week from her due date, I saw her in the office on the 15 of July for her regular prenatal appt. She was measuring 40 cm which is usually what you measure at term. She had been having some light contractions and had bloody show this am and lost her mucous plug. She asked "when should I call you" and I responded with the standard answer, when your contractions are getting stronger or lasting longer or more intense, when they change and feel different, or lasting longer. She said ok then we decided to do a check of her cervix to see if anything was happpening. Well it sure was, she was 5-6 cms fully efffaced cervix soft, stretchy, with a bulging bow. They lived one hour away so I instucted them to call as soon as her contractions changed. She call back around 8:00 and said I think you should come. With her last birth when I arrived she was 8 cms but not having a lot of contrx. The same was true this time just mild contrx but more consistant. She was 8 cms with a bulgingbow. Mom wanted me to break her bag so she would have the baby sooner , I agreed that would probably be the case so we did break the bag and a flood came forth. She must have had a gallon of amniotic fluid that was slightly stained with mec. Very pale yellow in color. The heart tones were really good. As we thought would happen labor progressed very quickly. Mom was up walking around in the living room and said well I think it is time so we followed her to the bedroom. She was planning to have her baby lying on her side. She stood by the bed for a couple of contractions then said ok its time. She laid down I checked her and she had only an anterior lip. I had her get in her hands and knees for several contracions then gently moved the very slight lip over the baby's head and she pushed a beautiful baby girl out in 2 pushes.
The last 3 births I've had I've had to do a manual removal of the placenta UGHHHHHH! I have been praying that we would not be faced with that again, because it is very painful for the mom. The placenta came without any problems. This mom is a very petite mom and her other children weighed 7 lbs. This big girl weighed in at 8 lbs 9 oz.

A very interesting part of this birth story is that the dad of this baby was born in the very room that his daughter was born in. The midwife that caught him was a midwife that I trained with 20 years ago. Cycle of life just continuing on.
All is well with mom and baby.

I have missed blogging about 7 births I will try to do a better job.