Friday, March 18, 2011

Tale of two Births

Let me tell you about my two mommies. Mommy A is "natural birth" through and through!! But even more than her desire to be ala naturale, her husband is rock-solid natural!! You see, HIS mother is a retired midwife. Mommy A is done being pregnant. She is tired. And, I might add, she is 11 days past her due date. Like a child in the back seat on a trip, she keeps wondering, "Are we there yet?" Mommy A has been in the office 3 times this week wanting to be checked. With every contraction she is wondering, "is this the one? Am I really in labor? Will I be holding my sweet baby tonight?"

Mommy A requested her membranes to be stripped on Tuesday. Wednesday she was SURE things had changed and she came in to be checked......well, let's just say things had changed, a little. Thursday night at 11, she called. "THIS IS IT!" she reported that contractions were 4 minutes apart, lasting more than a minute, and she was feeling shaky. YAY!!! (may I add that currently there are 4 moms past their due date!!) I called my assistants and we rushed to the Birth Inn. We set up the room, prepared our minds and waited for Mommy A to arrive.

Looking out the window we saw the headlights pulling into the driveway. Mommy stepped out of the car and waddled into the house, looked at us and......smiled. Uh Oh.......this does not look good. Following the routine of the last two days, she wanted to be checked. Well, sure enough, she had changed......a little. Baby still high, cervix dilated to 4, and still kinda thick. hmmmmmm. She happily contracted for for a couple of hours then slowly but surely, we all found our way to a pillow. Fast forward now to 7:30 am. Mommy A is up, she is rested, and she is REALLY wanting the baby OUT!!!

Now let me tell you about Mommy B. Mommy B has wanted another child for years. Her son is 24, and her daughter is 9. Son weighed 9lbs 15oz, and her daughter was 8 lbs 2 oz. At 13 days late, this baby boy might just be big! Both babies were born in the hospital, so this is the first time for a home birth. Mommy B is patient. She has eaten right, exercised and honestly feels better and healthier than she has in a while.
I saw Mommy B on Thursday. After some discussion we decided that a dose of castor oil would be a good step for this mom. She was instructed to ingest 2 oz at 3 or 4 am on Friday. (are you with me? we are at the Birth Inn with Mommy A who REALLY wants baby out, but is stalled. And Mommy B is taking castor oil!)

8:00 am Mommy B called. The castor oil had no effect. None, nada, zero. Ok, this is good-ish, I think. At least we won't have two Mommies at the Birth Inn at once!
Mommy A is going to walk. This is a good time to run home, eat some breakfast and let the dogs out. 10:45 Mommy B calls.......her water broke AND the castor oil FINALLY decided to work. Looks like I need to wrap up breakfast and head back to the Birth Inn.

I checked Mommy A again, helped the cervix along and Mommy and Daddy A left to grab some breakfast......just as Mommy B arrived at the Birth Inn. Checked Mommy B, she is dilated 4cm and cervix is very thin. Mommy B put on her jacket, took Daddy B's arm and off they went for a walk. Ahhh, so quiet in the Birth Inn. *sigh*

Baby A likes it when Mommy a is lying down. Now I know this seems contrary to what you might think, but it seems like baby A has a tendency to rotate in a less favorable position when Mommy A stands or sits. Baby B likes it when Mommy B walks or sits! Picture with me for a minute......Mommy A is in the living room on the couch, pillow propped under her belly providing just the right support for baby A. Mommy B is sitting on the birth ball laboring....with a labored smile on her face! Daddy B decided to go on a food run, good timing since contractions are really warming up for both Mommies!!

Every trip to the Birth Inn is a new experience. The thing that is evident this time is the fact that nobody is missing a meal! the kitchen has been very active!! I love the fact that these mommies are going to be nourished and energized for the delivery!

3:30pm Smiles are turning to grimaces, talking is suddenly silent. Mommy A and Mommy B are both looking intent..............Did I mention there is only one jacuzzi tub?? It's like a horse race, neck in neck, one pulling in front of the other, then the other pulling ahead. Decision time, who will get the tub? Both mommies are so kind, insisting the other can have the tub!! As it is right now, I don't think it is good for Mommy B to be in the tub, big babies aren't the easiest to deliver underwater! Mommy A has decided she doesn't want to take any chances with slowing down her contractions, remember, she wants this baby OUT!!!! So, nobody is going to use the tub.

Let me take this time to introduce you to my two assistants. They fondly refer to themselves as Girl Tuesday, and Girl Thursday. Girl Tuesday, Cynthia Barger is the mother of 8 children, 3 of them were delivered at home. She is a certified Doula and loves the adrenaline rush when delivery is near!.
Girl Thursday is Ginger Young she is the mother of 5 and 3 steps, and grandmother of 2. Ginger is also a certified Doula and is in training to be a midwife. You might wonder about the names they have given themselves. Cynthia assists me in prenatals on Tuesday, and Ginger on Thursday!

4:00 Cynthia and I take off for a little walk. Ginger stays behind. Mommy and Daddy B leave for a walk and Mommy A starts feeling pressure......Woo Hoo!!!

4:25 Mommy A is moving to the birth room! I wonder how the walk is going to Mommy B??

4:51 BABY A IS HERE!!!!!!! Strapping baby boy.....stay tuned for the weight.

Mean while, Mommy B has decided to rest. Guess what? Contractions have slowed. Baby does not like it when mommy is lying down.

Baby A is nursing and getting to know mom and dad. Baby B, well, let's just say that he is in no hurry to meet us!

Baby A weighs 8lbs 10 oz and is 20 3/4" He has strawberry blonde hair and of course, is cute as a bug!!

So birth is seldom what we imagine, rarely what we expect, but always a gift from God! When we are faithful to do our part in preparation and trust Him with the delivery, the baby...our gift from delivered at JUST the right time.

Baby B has decided to take a break. I think he wants just one more night's sleep in his warm safe bed. So the bed is turned down, the lights are dimmed and Mommy and Daddy B are going to go to bed and rest. My assistants and I are going home......for a bit.

NOTE TO DEIDRE: I'm thinking it is time to add on a second birthing suite off the dining room. And a restroom for the midwives (with our own private jacuzzi tub) ;)


  1. Oh I love the "baby stories"..I will tune in more often. (:>) They are so interesting. Brings back memories of when you were tending to my daughters and their babies!

    Love ya,
    Linda Hogeland

  2. So glad to see you writing again! I love readying birth stories, and they are probably so different from your perspective than from ours. You've been such a blessing at our three home births, and if we ever decide to have a fifth child, I'm sure we'll make the hike back to Kansas just so you can attend that birth as well!

  3. I like reading your stories as well, Mom. I'm so glad you're documenting these memories . . . what great examples of faith and trusting in the Lord! Hardly a day goes by that you are not put in a situation of needing to depend completely on God. What a life! Always exciting and full of adventure!