Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Middle east

This couple called me last year and we initially met for lunch. They (mostly she) asked questions I told them about what I do. She is expecting her 2nd, her first was a C-Section for breech presentation, 11 years earlier. Dad had 2 children born via c-section from a previous marriage. They had been to the doctor and of course he had scared dad to death telling them it could be life threatening for mom and babe to have a VBAC (Vaginal birth after cesarean). Which is true, but, what he left out was how rare an actual uterine rupture is in a vaginal birth after cesarean that is not induced or augmented.The statistics are: Uterine rupture is the major concern in terms of VBAC and while it can be catastrophic, it is rare (National Institutes of Health, 2010).Permitting labor to begin naturally after one prior low transverse (“bikini cut”) cesarean carries a 0.4% risk of rupture. This rate can increase with pitocin induction or augmentation.  (Which I don't do out of a hospital.) Several of this mom's friends had delivered with me and she was very interested in natural birth. A compromise was met between mom and dad..She would see the OB and me and keep praying about the location of the delivery. I thought this was a good compromise. It gave dad some time to process and being an avid reader he could take time to research:) I continued to see mom throughout the pregnancy she worked hard on diet, exercise and taking her thoughts captive. They came to childbirth classes mine and Bradley. God gave them the verse Josh 1:9." be strong and courageous". A little more than half way through the pregnancy dad began talking to mom about serving in a ministerial capacity in the middle east. To which his wise wife answered she would be happy to surrender her husband to such an endeavor if the risk of death were equal to or less than a VBAC:)  Needless to say I think he got the point. Most importantly he was doing his research and praying fervently.  While I was never really sure what dad was thinking, as he was very hard to read, you know quiet methodical type, I could tell that he was allowing God to lead step by step.I kept thinking of  dad in the context of Isaiah 30:15 "in quietness and trust is your strength."
On March 31st B woke up in the middle of night and her water broke. We met at the Birth Inn at 9am in active labor. She was dilated to 6cm.  She was doing great with the labor, dad near by supporting her thru each contraction. Both grandmothers, and her sister-in-law were their to encourage her and cheer her on as well. She spent time laboring on the toilet and used the tub. She began having an urge to push in the tub but wasn't all that comfortable so she moved to the bed on her side. She pushed very effectively...the heart tones began dipping down a bit so we moved her to a squat and she delivered close to 1pm. It was a perfect VBAC:). A few days after the birth the reserved dad's heart side was revealed and I got to see an expressive grateful man. He told me he could hardly imagine having another baby in the hospital.
  I wonder if he will be going to the middle east soon?
Thank you Lord for being the repairer of the breech.


  1. LOVE this. I wish my sister i law would have talked to you before having her 2nd C-Section & being convinced of "certain uterine rupture."

  2. Well there is always room for change even after 2 c-sections watch for the next blog it is a VBA2C:) So its possible even after 2:)

  3. So encouraging.....God is the "repairer of the breech". :) I am hoping and praying for my first and only child was breech.