Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mrs. Dancer

Sunday March 27th.
This precious 5' 3 " primip (first time)21 year old mom came to me at the beginning of her pregnancy asking if we could attend her birth. I was thrilled. First of all, they are the sweetest young couple and I just loved them from the start. They're Newly married, both love the Lord and have the innocence of youth, in reality they were just a tad clueless about labor and birth. But very eager to learn and wanted to do the right things during pregnancy to prepare. Secondly, I had the privilege of delivering this dad's siblings. I've gotten to know this sweet family over the years and consider it an honor to be a part of the first grandchild in their family.

Mom is a dancer and continued dancing until 6 weeks before her birth. She faithfully walked and ate healthy all of her pregnancy. On her last prenatal visit the baby was quite high and not even close to engaging. I thought to myself, "Oh Boy, this may be a challenge, as we are close to the due date and baby has not engaged". Typically with a primip you want the baby to engage 2 weeks before the onset of labor. I thought, "Is she going to go two weeks late and have a really big baby"? Oh Kathy, ye of little faith.
This morning I went to church and Mrs. Dancer was heavy on my heart. I prayed for her several times and said, "Lord if it be your will could she please let go into labor soon"? Mrs. Dancer's mom had a c-section with her babies so that added a little more concern.
I came home from church and was resting when the phone rang. It was Mrs Dancer and she been laboring most of the night. Dad went off to work this morning and mom continued to have contractions. Yes that's right! Mom labored most of the day by herself. Can you believe it? She wanted to come over and get checked before she called dad to come home. I was so happy when I checked her. Actually I was dumbfounded. Mom was 7 cms. Praise the Lord. I asked her if she thought she could drive or if I should drive her and she said no I only have a block to drive, I can do it. What a trooper! This birth really amazed me. When mom arrived at the Birth Inn she was still doing very well as she was working with her contractions and continuing to move around. After she was here about an hour Girl Thursday got a call from her doula birth mom and had to leave and go help her. Girl Tuesday and I held the Birth Inn down with Mrs. Dancer, while Girl Thursday went to be with her other mom.

By 6:20pm, Mrs. Dancer was complete and on the toilet and making pushing sounds. She pushed for 19 minutes and out came a healthy baby boy with his cord wrapped, rather snugly, around his neck. Mom gave another push and the baby somersaulted through the loop. No problem! Mom tore just a nick and all was well.
Moral of the story; Dance moms, dance, and Kathy don't judge a book by it's cover.

This was the perfect finale to our March Madness!


  1. This blog is better than watching a Baby Story on TV! So glad everything worked out great for this first time mom Kathy.

    I praise the Lord for your dedication and special gifts.

    Have a lovely day!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  2. So true Linda!
    I chuckled a little when you found her at 7 cm! Is God cool or what?