Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mrs Thiseasy

Mothers choose the care of a midwife for many different reasons.  Some because that is what their mom did, some out of fear of hospitals, and some for financial reasons.  For others it’s a journey.  A desire to have a birth different than the one(s) before.  Our mom, Mrs. Thiseasy, came to us pregnant with her second child.  Her first baby was born in the hospital and she had an epidural. The second pregnancy came a little sooner than planned, so in addition to the anticipation of having a home birth, Mrs Thiseasy was a little nervous about having two babies so close together. 

We pray for all of out moms, but with some, we know of more specific things to pray about.  With Mrs Thiseasy we prayed that God would bless her with an easy birth and that she wouldn’t have fear. (As you know, fear equals more pain and a longer labor)  It was late June when Mrs Thiseasy started having contractions.  She timed them and waited for them to intensify, but time after time they fizzled out.  July 2nd was different.  This time, the contractions continued even when she rested.  Finally she decided it was time to make the hour+ drive to where she was going to deliver.  By the time she arrived the contractions were further and further apart, but still coming.  She decided to rest and by early morning it was clear….false alarm.

She was discouraged. “How will I know when it’s the real thing?” she wondered.  July 11th she called sounding as chipper as ever.  Was this another case of wishful thinking?  She paused, “Hang on, I need to sit down.” she said.   Eyebrows raised, I told her to come on in.  But to first stop by the office for a check.  She arrived an hour and a half later.  She was smiling as usual. I checked her.  “You are at least a 7,” I said, “Lets get ready to have a baby!”  She and her husband headed over to the Birth Inn……I didn’t tell her, but  really, she was more like an 8!!  I just didn’t want her to panic.

Once settled, she asked to sit in the whirlpool.  We gladly obliged.  Once the tub was full she got in and immediately felt the relaxing distraction of pulsating jets.  After several minutes she tried to move to a hands and knees position, but the pressure was starting to build.  She closed her eyes during the contraction and gently swayed side to side.  When the contractions was over she smiled big and said, “This really doesn’t hurt that bad!”  We laughed, God had answered our prayers!

After a few minutes on hands and knees she moved back to a sitting position.  We folded a towel for her to sit on and did a check…complete.  We told her she could push if she wanted.  And she did…a little.  Between contractions she smiled and questioned why she ever had an epidural in the hospital with her first birth.

She gently pushed through each contraction and at 6:39 she gracefully delivered an 8lb 4oz baby boy!

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