Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Another failure to start Mrs. M"s labor. I felt overwhelmed and stressed about this but the Lord has been very faithful and I have learned a lot about faith and trust. It has pressed me to the Lord almost every minute. That is a truly "a good thing". Wonder what Martha Stewart would think about that?
We all agreed that Tomorrow was the deadline and the baby needed to come for several reasons. Thus I started the search for a Doctor to take her on and induce her tomorrow. My faithful Dr. for the last 22 years appears to no longer be available. Not sure what is going on there even though he says he will always help us out (as long as they have insurance). His new office nurse has attitude problems and is very against midwives and out of hospital births thus will not return my calls. That was very discouraging. I decided to call a family practice Doc that has referred patients to me several times. He was wonderful and very happy to take her on and scheduled her for an induction tomorrow at 7:30 am. His attitude was great and very kind. The Lord was sooooo good. I'll let you know tomorrow how this turns out. I also have a mom Mrs.B that is now 9 days late. HMMMMM what is it? The weather, the water, the season, I don't know.
Over the years I can recall many such patterns. The old saying, trouble comes in 3"s I believe it. Well I hope and trust that the '3' season is over soon and we can move to a more pleasant season. What ever, we WILL keep pressing on.

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  1. Love your blog! You did a great job putting this together. Look forward to reading more of your stories. I will pray Mrs. B as she delivers hopefully tomorrow. Love ya Mom! the best midwife ever!