Friday, July 31, 2009

Mrs.B's water birth

Mrs. B had 2 previous births in the hospital which went well but she decided she wanted to have her baby at home this time. Her pregnancy went very good everything was normal. SHe also was 10 days late. I guess we are in a season of late moms. SHe called this morning with contractions every five minutes. Brenda headed up to her home. She was doing great walking around sitting on the birth ball and talking and laughing. Things were not progressing as fast as she wanted and in her other births when her water broke she delivered quickly so she wanted her water broke. Ater that things did pick up quickly and she decided to get in the kiddy pool to help her relax. After only 30 minutes she seemed to be getting close so I checked her and she was about an 8 but her cervix was very posterior so we healed it forward and in 4 contractions she was comlplete. She did push very hard for 20 minutes and the head was born but very slow. This is a sign of possible shoulder dystocia. We got her out of the water even though she was not exactly happy about this but the process of lifting her leg over and getting in a squat the baby was born. He had a tight nuchal cord (cord around the neck) He was quite huge 10lbs and 4 oz. She did have a minor tear but it was right along side the 2 previous episotomys. They are happy to have a boy after 2 girls. Hard birth but all was well. PTL

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