Friday, July 31, 2009

Mrs. M. not so late afterall

The Lord is good to those who wait.
Boy was this ever true. God intervened in so many ways. He is good and does not fail.

1. We found another new fantastic backup Dr. He was the greatest. I think he has a midwife's heart. This couple had insurance for the baby but not the mom. So the labor and birth was out of pocket for them. The Dr. was very understanding about this and tried very hard to keep the cost down.
2. The wonderful nurse also got on board and tried to help eliminate unnecessary expenses. This nurse attended a few home births with me years ago so when she saw my name as the attending midwife she said she would be their nurse. Only God could time this so perfect.

3.The other great thing I was able to finish all my prenatels on Thursday and as soon as I finished they called for me to come to the hospital. Perfect timing!

4. The baby's gestational age was 40 weeks not late at all, but he did weigh 9lbs 1oz.
Something for you moms to keep in mind. If you miss a period take the pg test right away. It helps eliminate these confusing date issues. Don't just assume you are pregnant if you are late. Confirm. PLEASEEEE. If in doubt an early ultrasound also help confirm dates. This mom was just sure she had her dates right but she didn't. You can be fooled. You would think after 10 previous births you would have it down but things are not always as they seem.

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