Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Waiting patiently

Mrs M.'s story. Day 23. Still waiting. I am assisting a 46 year old in the birth of her 11th baby. This mom has a history of going 2-3 weeks late in her previous births. We expected this one to be late also. At 10 days late and a failure to start her labor with natural methods and much discussing we decided that she was probably off on her dates. She did not take a pregnancy test until after her second missed period she also did not feel movement until 2-3 weeks later than she usually does. We decided with much prayer to wait and give her more time. We all felt peaceful about this decision. We also had a biophysical which confirmed our decision. At 17 days late we tried again and failed. Not one contraction or change in her cervix. We started checking the baby daily for reassuring signs and the baby's weight seemed average 7lbs ish. Dad needs to go oot August 2nd and wants to spend time with his wife and baby before he leaves. He also doesn't want to go to the hospital yet and neither does the mom. We tried again to start her on day 21 and 24 only this time she did have some contractions. She has been having contractions daily and is also having an increase in mucous. Finally some signs of labor. We have decided that she must go in thursday for a hospital induction, out last attempt for a home birth will be tomorrow. This has been very challenging and has increased my faith and trust on a daily basis. I so hope to enter the results of a beautiful birth at home tomorrow. If not you'll get the details day by day. In the middle of waiting for Mrs. M we had 2 other births one of a 47 year old mom with previous csec. and another mom that was 35 weeks with PPROM and GBS (Group B Strept) positive. Hospital delivery but turned out great. Healthy mom and baby.


  1. You are being very brave! It is never easy to wait, but wait you must. You are doing just as you should be, trusting the Lord and His design for birth. Birth isn't a cookie cutter process like the medical profession would like us all to believe. Be strong and courageous:)

  2. That is very enchouraging thanks Deidre