Monday, August 17, 2009

Lady Nola

Lady Nola's history: 5 previous births all of them were born early anywhere from 34 weeks to 37 weeks. Obviously she had small babies. She was now over 38 weeks and getting very anxious and wanted to have her baby. We had her come in 8-17-09 and checked her, she was having some contractions but not in active labor. She started having stronger harder contraction. YEAH! She was very excited. She delivered her baby 2 hours later. 6lbs 6oz. She thought he was soooo big. Brenda and I just laughted. We know what a BIG baby is. They went home 2 hours after the birth and were exstatic. PTL.

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  1. Just curious, possibly a very stupid question, but what is "labor candy"?