Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mrs. Sk

We helped Mrs SK with her first baby 3 years ago (a boy). She had a very nice first delivery but she did tear pretty bad. Our goal was to help her have her second without tearing. At 8 cm she was walking around smiling not believing she was that far along. Her contractions were very irregular sometimes 15- 20 minutes apart. She was walking her long legs off. Mrs SK had a doula with her and that seemed to give her comfort but she was really was doing great. On her first exam I determined the baby was in the posterior position and attempted to turn her. I was able to get the baby halfway turned but needed strong contraction to help do the rest.

It was getting late and she really wanted to be done. She was walking, changing positions, and finally we decided to put her on the breast pump which work incredible well. She started having really good contractions and was sitting on the toilet and was beginning to have increase pressure. I checked her an hour after starting the pump she was complete and her water broke. Things started picking up then and the contractions got harder and more consistant. She pushed for one hour and and when she started to crown we had her pant and ease the baby out while I gave her perineal support. There was a nuchal cord which I slipped over the baby's head easily and then the the baby came out with her arm reaching out. I tried to hold it close to the baby to keep it from tearing her but I thought it probably didn't help. To my surprise when I checked her after the placenta delivered there were no tears PTL Success! Mom was delighted. A baby girl weighing 7lbs 14oz.

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