Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mrs.AA cont.

This morning started out with the phone ringing as it does often times. Last night I didn't sleep very well , I kept thinking that my phone would ring any time and Mrs. A would tell me she was in active labor and for us to come over. Well she did call but her labor was not active. She had a few contractions during the night and continued to leak fluid, and she thought her labor was beginning to pick up. I told her I would do some prenatals and if she was not in active labor I would come at noon and jump start her. She is a VBAC so our options were limited. The last thing you want to do with a VBAC is start labor with powerful meds and take the chance of rupturing her uterus. Not a good option.
An hour later Mrs. Speedy Birther called and said she thought she might be in early labor. This mom has a history of going early and very fast (precipitously). She lives about an hour from me so I think she was a little nervous. I told her to go to bed and drink alot of water after an hour or two she whould know if her labor is the real thing.

Mrs. Lots of Boys called an hour later and said her water was broke. Not in active labor. Same song second dance. Full moon. Same instructions to her and the additional info regarding PROM. She has done this in previous pregnancies so she was fine with the plan. We have helped her with several of her births. This will be her 9th.

At 11:30 I head over to the Birth Inn to help Mrs AA and decide she is doing great, so we decide to give her some more time. I did check her and she was 5-6 cm.'s 90% effaced and station +1 Yeah!!

While I am waiting on Mrs. AA I get a call from Mrs. Speedy Birther and she is still having contractions. I told her to come on in and I would check her.

By the way I am alone at the Birth Inn, Brenda is at the Dr.s with her husband who is having minor surgery. HMMMMM what to do. Deidre my loyal, sweet, fantastic backup offered to come and help. She just had her baby 3 months ago. The Lord does provide all we need.

Mrs. Speedy was sent home disappointed, fingertip dilated and thick. I was a little relieved but felt sorry for her.

Brenda arrived. YEAH! So I canceled Deidre.

Back to Mrs. AA .She was 7-8 cms at 2:20pm and was getting very dischouraged. She wanted to be done and I don't blame her, we gave her a little help and she had a beautiful hydrabirth 20 minutes later. She was so happy to have her 5th baby. Not one problem. The baby was great and no signs of infection. If a mom is GBS negative there is little risk of infection if you are patient and DO NOT CHECK HER. Observing is the best policy. She will let you know when its safe to check her. She was very excited not to tear. The baby did have a cord around her neck (nuchal cord) but it presented no problems (occurs with 50% of all deliveries.) Rarley do nuchal cords cause any problems. If the cord is really tight the baby might not come down into the pelvis. Then you suspect a problem and can deal with it appropiately. I'll probably have some stories about this some day and how it was handled. They went home at 7:00 this evening.


  1. Praise the Lord you got through your day..I heard WBCC was very busy yesterday as well. Full moon I guess. Well guess what...Mrs C gave birth this morning:) She called at 4:40am, to say that contractions woke her up at 2:30 and had been consistent and getting stronger. She wanted to finish curling her hair and head to WBCC. I told her to call me after she was admitted and needed me. Instead her hubby called on the way and said things had gotten serious and she wanted me to come right away..I had already woke up my baby and was nursing her just in case. So I finished feeding her, then quickly got dressed. Got another call from hubby to say that she was admitted and 6cm please hurry, and what should he do..I told him I was on my way as I headed out the door. Of course as I walked in at 5:20am they we starting IV #2 because the first one wasn't in the vein...Mom was focused, contx hard and close..I leaned in to remind her of God's faithfulness. She smiled ever so slightly and grabbed my hand. We soon got her off the monitor, baby looked great, lots of variability. Put her on the birth ball and I gave her a back massage with Arnica oil ..the aroma got us all awake:) She said she felt pushy..Dr J walked in, encouraged her to be checked. I helped her to bed, she was 9 cm BBOW which he ruptured during exam..some zirconium.
    She began to push, baby wasn't happy decels below 100 not returning..after a few contx everyone was getting nervous..talking about the vacuum..I suggested a squat..and pulled her up..Noticing that everyone else is looking at each other like "oh brother". Needless to say heart tones came back up and the baby came down to the perineum in about a minute. Then we layed her back..head was born w a very tight nuchal cord, "birthed thru it". She was born at a few minutes before 6:00am. Suctioned, dried and stimulated the baby girl up on mom. She coughed and made a respiratory effort but they moved her over to the warmer for a bit of CPAP. She pinked right up and went back to mom. She latched on great and mom praised the Lord for her quickest and best birth ever! Now that is something after having had 7 babies already! Great birth, wish Dr. J wasn't so cool...I'm beginning to echo your (Kathy's) sentiments..I think he'd rather be out of the midwife loop. Wish I could have pulled him aside to find out what to do about the new nurse who won't return phone calls..PTL the other 2 docs seem to be on board to help us with home births.I'm thinking he is out of the picture for that. He still does a good job at the hosp least he let her squat anybody else may have vetoed that idea.

  2. Kathy, I think the SAME thing about Dr J. That's why I'm not using him this time if I go to the hospital. He seems to have a bit of a chip on his shoulder about the midwife thing. Would you mind sharing which other two doctors you know that are possibly on board with homebirth? I'd like to know if they are on my insurance.